Snake in the Shed

Today I had a bit of fright. I went out to our shed to get some water and for a moment I thought I saw a snake in the dark corner. It was only after opening the second door to shed some light on this, when I realized it was a rope coiled up on …


A Dogs Life

Life never gets easier, but we get stronger! My wife and I are considering a life changing option today, and major decisions are never easier regardless of our lives situation or length of time on this green earth. I am a little convinced that past decisions as a younger man were made without the wisdom …


Ten thing I must give up to move forward: Letting the opinion of others control my life. The shame of past failures Being indecisive about what I want. Procrastinating about things I want. Choosing to do NOTHING. My need to be right. Running from problems that should be fixed. Making excuses rather than decisions. Overlooking the …

Let’s Talk

Congratulations and big pats on our collective backs for talking openly about Mental health issues. My take today is this: Talk is cheap, and even profitable for some companies like Bell. Even more profitable for Big Pharm as the more we talk to our doctors about our anxiety/depression/aggression/anger/depression/OCD/ADD/Insert the flavor of the month issue here; …

Remember the Day the “Sky was falling” by Raising Minimum Wages?

As I write this mid-April, 2018, the squeaks and squeals as well as the threat of fast food closings have lowered in social media volume to a dull roar. At the time of the Governments instituting the large minimum wage increase I did agree and sympathize that an aggressive timeline ito institute this policy was …

On Changing the World (1)

Monday morning gem of a read! Powerful writer!

The Death Project

A year ago, I attended the Women’s March here in Montreal in a rousing moment of sisterhood with women in so many other cities of the world. I wasn’t feeling very well that day, as my still undiagnosed disease was rapidly progressing. But I donned the pink pussyhat I had knit up, then took some painkillers and a lift downtown. Happily, I ran into many friends while there. Last weekend was another march. Because I had chemo two days before I wasn’t sure I’d be up to it, but those painkillers and another lift got me there again.

pussyhat photo Me at the 2016 women’s march

As I’ve mentioned before, social justice issues have been a consuming passion of mine and a large part of my work in life. But when I got sick last year, I handed over all my work in anti-colonial issues to my amazing colleagues. For the next…

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Insightful post by a great writer


Without self-love, we accept whatever others have to give and fail to see the masks of love.  Too many offer the idea of love without actually loving.  When we don’t care enough for ourselves, we fall prey to those parasites who live in chaos and conflict all the while confessing to love.  Without personal peace and acceptance, we are unable to love others truly.


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