WHY FIVE STRING ? (Hint, It’s Not a Musical, But It Used to Be)

I chose “Five String Guitar” a few years ago. It was my evolution from total deafness- my cone of silence- to a new world where everything sounded a little out of tune. My concerto was/is different than a hearing one. Something is missing. One string was my go to position at the time.

So my life has sound, but not close to what it was. I am deaf but have a digital version of the old analog LP that sound tracked my life. One string down but soldier on.

Only recently I discovered that there are a few very good guitar players that use a five string. And here I did not know they existed. Spoiler alert: I do not play guitar.

So Five Strings might be a bit of a stretch. Keith Richard was quite competent with said number on his axe. Me, not so much.