Profound and Deaf :)

Profoundly deaf’ is a very specific technical term. It means that your average hearing threshold (the quietest sound you can hear), is at least 95 decibels.
Pretty sure no-one who actually has a hearing loss has ever accidentally called themselves profoundly deaf when they meant ‘hard of hearing’ (which is not a technical term, but is usually used to describe people who have mild to moderate hearing loss).
Incredibly, however, this is not even the first time in my life I have had someone straight up tell me to my face that I must be WRONG about how deaf I am. I cannot possibly be profoundly deaf, apparently, because I seem to talk okay, and have no issues driving.


The frustrating thing about these weird preconceptions about deaf people is that I have to spend a good deal of time unexpectedly justifying myself to other people.:”Yes, I really am deaf. No, I know I don’t sound like it. Lipreading, mostly, but my cochlear Implant gives me sound so I just have to work on figuring out comprehension. NO it is not a hearing aid nor does it amplify sound, and guess what: Talking louder is of no use. Sorry, I’m just really wiped out from lipreading all day. Sorry, just to remind you that you need to face me when you talk. Sorry, you’re covering your mouth again.”

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