Irony of Interplanetary Discovery

What irony. NASA scientists are celebrating the wondrous success of the exploratory space probe that’s sending home images of Ultima Thule from the edge of the known universe, while here on our tiny lifeboat that floats in the incomprehensibly vast sea of space, we have much less lofty concerns

Canadians are busy arguing about the merits of a new tax that ostensibly will help curb the burning of the fossil fuels that are slowly, but surely, destroying the fragile environment that sustains us all. Meanwhile, there are some 80 long-term drinking advisories for First Nations; one in five children risks going to school hungry, more than 200,000 Canadians go homeless every year, and Canada’s highest-paid CEOs are closing in on earning 200 times more than the “average” worker.

Elsewhere on this planet, people continue slaughtering and persecuting each another in the name of various superstitions, political beliefs, and competing gods vying to save us all from our sins. Millions of desperate refugees are on the move, fleeing war, drought, flooding, starvation, disease and pestilence. Hostile nations are rushing to build nuclear bombs, hypersonic missiles, and other WMDs. And so it goes.

Welcome to 2019. Who says there’s intelligent life on Earth?

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