Is Party Time Over?

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TBD Towards Better Democracy

DSCF0735Is it time to drop Political Parties to save our Democracy?

This is a new blog that is dedicated to looking at what is going wrong with democracies in general and specifically what can be done. I will first admit that my focus maybe general but as I live in Ontario, Canada some of my examples will have a focus on hereabouts, although in general, I think you will find these examples reflected all over western democracies. What is happening here is happening to them all and I believe mainly for the same reasons.

Right now every day we hear all the news about how bad things are. And they are. And they’re getting worse. This blog is trying to be a space where we can seek the truths behind the daily chaos by illuminating somewhat one of the darker corners and hopefully find a way forward without it.

There exists…

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