A Dogs Life

Life never gets easier, but we get stronger!

My wife and I are considering a life changing option today, and major decisions are never easier regardless of our lives situation or length of time on this green earth. I am a little convinced that past decisions as a younger man were made without the wisdom of planning and thought, but many work out. Now we are at the stage in our lives, blessed (or cursed) with the ability to critically think things through until the cows come home, that we delay and procrastinate with all the over thinking.

The point of this post is the second part: We get stronger. I am at the comfortable part of my life where I have a wonderful life partner to put perspective to my thoughts and ideas, but also at a new start in my life where I have come to conclusion that my strengths are still in play. For the past 10 years, after my medical downfall, I lost confidence. Through reading, writing and meditation, along with some wise lifestyle choices, I seemed to have gotten my mojo back in play. Decisions are made with clear head, thoughtful prayer and meditation, and having our backs looked after by each other.

My favorite Rumi quote came back to me today, and writing and meditating on it has put these fingers to keyboard as well as bringing clarity to my life: “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise so I am changing myself.”

Change is a constant that we cannot avoid. Change is always happening despite our efforts to keep things the same. Changing David required work, and still does.

I am sitting outside beneath a shelter as the rain pours down on my landscape today. The sound of the rain on the metal awning is a sound I will never take for granted, nor will I have a hostility for as I would have in times of past hearing. I have cochlear implanted sound that gives me semblance of the noise of nature, and rather than being annoyed, I am deeply grateful. This is a change.

My cravings, wants and needs have changed with work. I believed at one time that living “well” was the answer to happiness. My discovery of the defect in this was easy. Money and nice pretty things do not bring happiness. My new found JOY is sought and brought through a change in thinking. Living simple has given me more joy than any temporary happiness could ever.

Dogs have it nailed in my opinion. They always run to the door and greet us with joyful spirit. They allow the experience of fresh air and sunshine to be pure ecstasy. They take naps when they are tired, and drink water when they are thirsty. They thrive on attention and let people touch them. On warm days they lie on their backs on the grass and let the simple pleasure warm their souls. On hot days they lie under are shady tree.. The reason I want to be more like a dog is this: They avoid biting when a simple growl will do.

I am okay with growling now and then as I am not good with biting. I delight in the simple pleasure of a long walk. I am loyal to friends and family as dogs are, and I always stretch when waking like our dog does. I try never to pretend to be something I am not, like a dog.

Most important to me in my changes is this: When someone is having a bad day I am learning to be silent, sit close by, and nuzzle them gently.




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