Getting Inside David’s Head

It is close to our proverbial “24” weekend and I find myself in the throws of a personal “Spa/retreat” week here at the lake, days before the unofficial  summer crowds arrive to christen the “24” weekend with, well multiple 24’s of ale. Being an abstainer of these golden amber bevies (or anything alcoholic for that matter), I now find amusement in the alcoholic haze that takes over our lake every end of May and runs to late September.

For the next 7 days my goal is to work on me in a quiet methodical meditative way. To really quiet the mind to gain and understanding of my anguish/depression, let go of it’s origins, and renew the journey of a way of life that hopefully understands the origins of my chaotic states of mind.  A noble goal for sure, and no pressure to accomplish really. I have my books, my keyboard and my open mind. More importantly I have the solitude. Yes, there are some others up here at the lake, and I can drop in for chat whenever the mood strikes. But the 4 or 5 people who grace my view should I chose, are friends who can offer some smiles, coffee, a warm conversation perhaps as a break from mediation, mudras, mantras and writing.


Having the encouragement and support of my beautiful wife is a much needed boost, as my concern as Mary’s partner is being an equal in all chores, duties etc. Her almost insistence that I take this week to have as this exercise certainly lightens my mental load of concern.

Task wise, my health goals have not changed for this “spa” week. I intend to eat as I have been for the past 6 weeks where diet has shown a 15 pound loss in weight as well as an increase in energy. Exercise has been a part of this regime as well, which I intend to maintain as well as increase.

Writing will replace my past few weeks of “tasks” that included building a veggie garden. If the mental blocks are removed and the fingers are willed by new meditative spirit; I hope to journal any and all discoveries in the blog for you good readers (assuming anyone read this…:)

So 6:45 am now and having been up for an 90 minutes I am ready to begin my first full day of self medication of the mind! In my 60th year I have discovered that to really get inside David’s head, you need a lake, some sun, some quiet, and coffee!



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