Let’s Talk

Congratulations and big pats on our collective backs for talking openly about Mental health issues.
My take today is this: Talk is cheap, and even profitable for some companies like Bell. Even more profitable for Big Pharm as the more we talk to our doctors about our anxiety/depression/aggression/anger/depression/OCD/ADD/Insert the flavor of the month issue here; the more our GP’s happily dispense Big Pharm in pills to us.
What a system!
While I applaud Bell’s efforts in destigmatizing mental health (not to mention their donations, despite the gratuitous marketing angle), fixing our mental-health crisis is about more than one day, and it’s about way more than nickel donations.
It makes zero sense that in a nation with universal health care, we have decided that mental health does not matter and should not be financially covered. If you’re sick, you can make an appointment to see your family doctor, or stop by a walk-in clinic if it’s more pressing, and you won’t pay a dime.
But getting treated for mental health is the equivalent of going to the emergency room. Express suicidal thoughts and you’ll get a psychiatrist right away. If it’s not an emergency, you will wait so long it might become too late.
Children’s Mental Health Ontario reports the province has almost 12,000 kids on psychotherapy wait lists for as long as 1.5 years.

We have a here in my region of Whitby, a Public school system that funds two boards. I struggle greatly as a taxpayer in this region when I drive by the two “Tajmahalls” that house the two distinct boards. One for those Catholics that want their children taught in a Catholic fased based system and one for everyone else. My struggle is this: If one of the two systems offers a faith based teaching in Christianity, why can we not teach and encourage Mindful meditation weekly, if not daily or more, to our Children, knowing that where this is done around the world, the occurance rates of ADD is next to nil?
We can lower stress, anxiety, and depression to a level that we would not need medications or interventions or perhaps even drug abuse counseling if we could get the School board trustees, and the community to start meditation in classes. NOW!



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