A Symphony of Five Parts is Better than a One Trick Pony.

“A horse is dangerous on both ends and uncomfortable in the middle.”

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and suggest that Ian Flemings quote was not about suggesting that we ride in luxury automobiles, but rather a metaphor for life. In order to stay within my boundaries and NOT going into a discourse on  the current political tides of the world at large, I will view “life” on a micro level.

When I look for comfort in my life, I believe I seek serenity. My peace of mind comes from my stillness of mind. This is not an easy trek to arrive at. Ask anyone who has meditated mindfully for hours on end but is still perpetually stuck on the cracks in the wall that need plaster or something. And yes, wall can be a metaphor, or use wall as is.

But remarkably at this “one end” of my life where the serene thoughts exist, there lies the danger of being too empathetic. Bordering on sympathy. This is not to say that the tenderness and warmth that I have for the planet and the good denizens that inhabit it is in any way wicked for it or them. It is however the end of the horse that gets me trampled on. Used. Abused. Taken advantage of. As if existing in a good place sends out a scent to predators : “this guy will pay/give more. Take advantage”.

Do you ever wonder why some drivers on a highway slow down to let another driver in, then remain at an annoying speed to allow four more drivers in? That would be me on my good serene day. I let the lady behind me at the grocers go ahead because I am in no rush and am at a good place where I want to enjoy, then suddenly realize that she or he had 10 more items than me, and wants to pay in small silver change that they need to count out!
So when I arrive at the end of my horse where serenity is at play, I must give consideration to my health and welfare.

The other end is much more dangerous: The end where ego looks to play with pride and grow a brood of demons that eat Facebook likes and live for selfies. The end of equine beast that I detest, but like all humans I think end up trying it out for a ride now and then.

So middle is it? Well that’s us all sorted, except the middle is not comfortable. It is the space or place where meat and potatoes exist without any spice. Yes, you can exist on them fine, but missing the highs and lows (the ups and downs?) can be a frustrating ride. Uncomfortable.

If I could go back to events in my past, would I react differently? Would I slide up the horse (scale) from empathy to ego and take out the crop and slap the horse silly to see how fast I can go? How many wins can I add? Or do I slow things down? Should I go back to the times of crisis in my life where I was too serene hence too kind and let my good nature get trampled?  Or would I exchange the moments that caused controversy or concern for the middle of road shit. “Keep ya mouth zipped David”. “

Charles Swindoll, pastor, author and educator said: “We cannot change our past. We cannot change the fact that people act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play the one string we have, and that is our attitude” I struggled with this quote and I’ll tell you why:

I had ” 6 strings”‘ in my opinion when I had hearing. I became deaf then implanted with “sound of a sort” which gives me a perspective of me as having” 5 strings”. It still works, sort of, but sounds funny and even crappy at times. So I thought then maybe I need to change that vision of me to a “ONE string”. all I need to do is “play” with my attitude. But then it occurred to me way too much one dimensional. Adjusting an attitude is wonderful and great advise, but there is so much more depth to the music when put emotions to play.

Life without emotions does not make a symphony.

My symphony has Five strings damn it! Out of tune? Many days, but it is my symphony.





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