Spent most of my reading time yesterday devouring blog posts from the grateful Hawaiians who were fortunate not to be part of Korean BBQ last week. Some wonderful reads and found it fascinating that it takes a life changing moment to  restore our sense of simplicity in our approach to life. This is by no means a cynical comment or an attempt at criticism. I am overjoyed whenever I read that a Mother, Father, brother, sister or anyone that has a wake up alarm in their life, takes inventory at what is really important, then embarks on a new journey. In fact I applaud!

Yoga today gave reflection in my meditations on yesterday’s reads. I have been on a life changing journey for the past 8 years or more. Every day I try a quiet and delicate change to further my conversion from ego to empathy. From pride to humble and humility. From helping myself to helping others.

There was a time in my business career where I was in a race. THE race if you will. The one where whoever has the most at the end wins. The “most” was a basket that was money, accolades, promotions, titles,   names in their database, designer suits…..the whole jing bang lot. My race ended on September 7, 2007 when my life had a blow out. Crash and burn. Respiratory arrest, coma, deaf as a stump.

Once upon a time my mantra was “living well is the best revenge”. Now my ideology is easier to accomplish and offers a much higher level of gratification:

Living simple is the best way to live.

Vengeance and retribution are no more. 

Always live in truth.




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