Our Bounty

Today my goal is simple in theory. I will reflect on what I have to contribute, rather than what I need or want. Life is like a mirror. when I smile at the mirror of life, it smiles back at me. If I wait for the mirror to smile first……

There is really nothing that I want for or need at this stage of my life. Food, shelter, love, reasonable health are all in place. I ditched my smart phone 122 days ago. I have not missed it for one millisecond. When we go out for a coffee/lunch/dinner, our go to devices are our lips and eyes. Home phone land line was opted out of 7 years ago and never missed. We are on year 3 of no cable television a reinvigorated passion for the world of libraries, books, streaming shows, conversations etc., and what they provide us. We love our adventures without the bills.

So today I will focus and reflect on how I can put my primary purpose to mobilization. How to best benefit others and contribute.




One Reply to “Our Bounty”

  1. I just finished a book called “Touch” where the main character was a “trend forecaster.” She predicted the end of smart phones and being connected all of the time. She predicted a shift to people craving actual touch and face to face interaction. I would love to see that shift! (There are some questionable parts in the book). But, overall, I think you may enjoy it for he overall theme.


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