Grace and Humour

There is not a moment in the past ten years that I would wish anyone to go through the dark periods that I have been recently. but I have learned so  much from the black holes that I found myself in.

When the fog momentarily lifts, and the darkness breaks to reveal the dawn is in it’s glorious view. At this point  I give thanks and embrace my gratitude. I do so much love my cosmos today so far! It is indeed so much preferable to my chaos the past 6 days. I have a feeling of order today. A purpose.

The word verb cosmos in Greek means to put in order and to adorn. There is no reason why this is occurring today, on “Blue Monday” of all days, but I will not look this gift horse in the mouth.

I am referring to the universe as cosmos rather than as chaos. The classic Greeks defined reality as a homogeneous ordered whole. In contrast, modern western culture has tended to view reality dualistically, splitting it into subject and object, humanity and nature, mind and matter.My newly discovered parsimony or excessive frugality, makes some days an interesting game of niggardliness. Onward with this life! 

Reading gobs of stuff day and night and feasting on any and all written delights that I find on my daily perusals of library free reads, blogs, borrowed books and basement library gems on my “to be read” shelve.

Grace and humour! To achieve this is a noble goal of mine today, and good lord willing the crik don’t rise; tomorrow and the next.






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