January moves at the speed of snow mounds that have about the same visual appeal of all other post Christmas  depressing landscape. So as we move past the Epiphany I find warmth and comfort in routines and my writing and my daily reads.

Getting back to routine feels like a peace-of-mind that moves me out of a grey room. Tonight is my “Free Thinkers” meeting where for the past two years or more, I have been meeting with a group of wonderful men and women who share their experience strength and hope with each other in a different form of mind. It has been two weeks of Mondays that fall on holidays where this group of addicts, alcoholic and  atheists have been locked out of our public library meeting place.

With Christmas put back in a box, and life back to the speed of life, I mosey back to my reading. Blogs, Washington and National Post, Globe and Mail, New Yorker, fiction, non-fiction and one of many daily meditation/12 step/spiritual/Buddhist books that get read daily. I miss these in the harried holiday period when structure gets turfed and tossed for the daily tidings of other stuff that usually involves money or family or both.

Tuesdays will kick up a notch with a new Yoga class, followed by my Tuesday trip to the “Shores” for the weekly volunteer at facilitating a 12 step program for inpatients and outpatients suffering from depression, bipolar, and other psychotic ailments that lead to addiction. My weekly drive to the shores on tuesday evenings is as much for me as it is  for them. This I freely admit. My depression led to the same misadventures, although I was never hospitalized. By keeping other addicts clean and sober, my goal is to remain in a like manner.

Wednesdays are group support for us depression/anxiety bipolar folks, who sit in a room and talk about our week. This is the toughest for me as a deaf person. Despite my cochlear implant there is huge difficulty in group hearing. I do not know what direction sound comes from so lip reading requires hawk eyes to find the moving lips. But I look forward to this as I do all meetings of any other nature. Our primary purpose is to help with our issues and to help others with their issues as best we can.

As far as the hearing challenges for me being deaf/cochlear implanted, the 12 step meetings are not as bad as a my group sessions as we have only one speaker at a time in any AA meeting. Once I note the speaker, and have a pretty good idea that the topic is addiction, I can fill in a lot of blanks as I speech read.

Writing is my new therapy that helps me thru the day. Brick blocks are broken thru as I read other posts by the good denizens of the blog world. I am not alone as I find that others use writing to give any and all a new concerto or add to their song of life. I miss music deeply and will write about this great loss in my life, but I have reading and writing. Writing has given me a new respect for writers, and an unused method of discovering me.

Write your problems down in detail 
Take them to a higher place

Right. Right





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