A Finer Balance

There have been countless moments in these past 10 years where I smile at the cosmic jokes played on me. I became deaf 10 years ago overnight on September 2007. Along with loss of hearing I lost my inner balance. I spent  months on a stroke ward in a suburban hospital in the autumn of 2007, where I rehabbed on many levels. Learned to speech read in my cone of silence, and learned to use a wheel chair, then walker and finally graduated to a cane before I could begin some serious physical rehab.

Ten years after my medical tsunami I consider  that much was the universe playing out my predestination or my divine will. It took away my hearing. Yet it made me a better person and forced my to notice the world and  “hear” for the first time in a different sense.

It took my inner balance – A feat of natural human wizardry that many have attempted to recreate in AI unsuccessfully-  but made me walk and run with notice of life using visuals to engage in these activities. In my belief the cosmic joke was taking away my physical balance so, my life balance would emerge and mature. It continues to do so.

A have a finer balance having no physical balance.

I possess patient speech reading/lip reading skills to compliment my digital concerto that my cochlear implant feeds my auditory nerves. In other words, I “hear” with patience and understanding now. A feat I always considered unattainable in the past.

A finer balance all around indeed.



  • Below is picture from Catherine Rose, photographer extrodinaire, capturing the beauty of Nova Scotia. My birth place and favorite province.

green bay nova scotia. Lunenbourg county

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