David Unplugged

So 103 days ago today,  I turned off  and put my Blackberry in a drawer. It has not been touched since. Oh sure, once in a while sitting in a doctors office and having finished the 6 magazines and periodicals from 2012, I get the urge to surf the news, but that is going away as well.

Health issues put my professional career on hold so I pitched the laptop and BB in safe keeping and got busy on me. Ignoring all the distractions from the smarty pant phones, the “lookatmebook site” , and the current hot media which is one syllable too many- Twitter, I focus on mindfulness, and being in the moment.

Using my personal Surface, and loving the keyboard, the size and screen, I spend my technology time focusing on me. David needs to work on David. To really get inside my head I have to find out how to do that, and the best method.

My web activity that at one time varied from guerrilla marketing to margin vs markup sites, now historically show a passion and a curiosity for Zen, Buddhism, Mindfulness, Tao, depression, deaf experience, cochlear implants, anxiety, and Tinnitus, on the reading lists; to BlogSpot and WordPress on the writing end.

Reading, and writing, walking, and meditation now give me a day with less anxiety which lessens the tinnitus. Depression hangs around at given times like a fog lurking in the dark, and tinnitus offers a chorus of auditory hallucinations that give cause for more research and reading. Oliver Sach’s great book ” Musicopohillia ” took me on a wonderful journey of explanation of the how’s and why’s I hear such perfect chord progression in surreal life like Dolby surround-sound.


So unplugged in one sense of the electronic trappings of small screen habits, but plugged and tuned into David’s head in a much more serene way.



Oliver Sach worthy read!

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