Adventures in Going Nowhere

My list of topics is as endless as my enthusiasm for using my writing to lift my fog. Deaf, cochlear implanted, and in recovery for more than a handful of issues including depression and debilitating tinnitus, I move my fingers on qwerty keyboard in the hope of discovering mindful recovery. An adventure in going nowhere physical but looking to Phoenix the fuck out of the remains of my days.

I prefer not to do these writings as a diary, but rather stories that help heal. My hopes are to do archeological digs into my past as far as I can to help mend. My childhood stands out daily as a reminder of the burying I did to rid the memories of growing up with an alcoholic Father, and the child of a mother who did her best to raise two children on a dismal salary in a two bedroom apartment that bordered on social housing both figuratively and literally.

Becoming deaf at 49 years of age and then losing a wife to cancer the next year is but two chapters in my concerto. Being left widowed and deaf with a 13 year old boy to raise was and is an experience that I need to flail out in the written word with a goal of working on my depression, and hoping to lessen the alarming chapter 10 years ago that I buried deep and am certain played a role in my mental breakdown in 2015. I buried these events and soldiered on as I do with all or most shocking events my life. It is with optimism and time that I will put these fingers to work for me, and if I can find a good soul to read these words that is a bonus indeed.

I have been fortunate to travel the world in a limited way. Europe as a young student. Western USA and Canada on many occasions. Caribbean islands from Cuba to the Dominican several times a year. Mexico 6 times at time of this writing. The new adventures I seek are stillness and mindful. Going nowhere. Examining  and exhuming my past in attempt at new discoveries.

Lots of work to be done on me to get me back to me, and with gusto and no premonitions or expectations of castles in the air I go. This will be one of many tools in my first aid kit. I hope to make you laugh, cry, smile, and critique.




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