This past year was as previous years both  ying and yang. I moved out of group and back into group. I embraced the track running regime and went weeks without the daily rigours. I re-embraced ASL, and fell victim to waning enthusiasm. I left one-one one counselling after the wrongful assumption of graduation, and returned weeks later in a downward spiral. Life at the speed of life.

If I treat the past as a tool to learn from rather than a hammer to beat myself up with, I take solace in the new places I find myself now. My new found love of Buddhism and the realization that it is indeed a philosophy and NOT a religion, has turned some corners and added light to my darkness.

Zen parables and Budha philosophies kept the dogs away from my door in a year where more aggressive canines prowled the planet (my life included) and the media seemingly more than most years from my past. Thus the reason for my embracing and pursuit of more Buddhist and Zen knowledge. It helped me more than a glass or three of Cabernet Sauvignon, my old go-to partner of pst, ever would.

My deafness remains the elephant in the room. My tinnitus still roars like the lions on the savannah. Yet this new philosophy has calmed my waters, cooled the fires, and tethered the beasts.

So onward to a new year if you following the Gregorian calendar. Judging by the frequency of Gregorian chants frequenting my concerto playlist, I am a follower indeed.






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