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The Death Project

A year ago, I attended the Women’s March here in Montreal in a rousing moment of sisterhood with women in so many other cities of the world. I wasn’t feeling very well that day, as my still undiagnosed disease was rapidly progressing. But I donned the pink pussyhat I had knit up, then took some painkillers and a lift downtown. Happily, I ran into many friends while there. Last weekend was another march. Because I had chemo two days before I wasn’t sure I’d be up to it, but those painkillers and another lift got me there again.

pussyhat photo Me at the 2016 women’s march

As I’ve mentioned before, social justice issues have been a consuming passion of mine and a large part of my work in life. But when I got sick last year, I handed over all my work in anti-colonial issues to my amazing colleagues. For the next…

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Without self-love, we accept whatever others have to give and fail to see the masks of love.  Too many offer the idea of love without actually loving.  When we don’t care enough for ourselves, we fall prey to those parasites who live in chaos and conflict all the while confessing to love.  Without personal peace and acceptance, we are unable to love others truly.


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There are days where the loneliness of living in this liminal space: The space  between the hearing world and the deaf world, is definitely  not an issue of "hearing". The same plague that the editorialists of our good world are penning these days on the "loneliness of social media" and the damage that FB, Twitter …


Spent most of my reading time yesterday devouring blog posts from the grateful Hawaiians who were fortunate not to be part of Korean BBQ last week. Some wonderful reads and found it fascinating that it takes a life changing moment to  restore our sense of simplicity in our approach to life. This is by no …

Our Bounty

Today my goal is simple in theory. I will reflect on what I have to contribute, rather than what I need or want. Life is like a mirror. when I smile at the mirror of life, it smiles back at me. If I wait for the mirror to smile first...... There is really nothing that …