What’s In a Name?

I chose “Five String Guitar” a few years ago. It was my evolution from total deafness- my cone of silence- to a new world where everything sounded a little out of tune. My concerto was/is different than a hearing one. Something is missing. One string was my go to position at the time. It helped bridge the gap and give hope that perhaps if I found the missing string I could get back to the concerto that offered a full orchestral sound of life. Wishful thinking I suspect.

So my life has sound, but not close to what it was. I am deaf but have a digital version of the old analog LP that sound tracked my life. One string down but soldier on.

Only recently I discovered that there are a few very good guitar players that use a five string. And here I did not know they existed. Spoiler alert: I do not play guitar.

Tinnitus is one of the roots that foster anxiety. Anxiety fosters depression. Tinnitus drowns what little digital reproduction of sound that enters the tiny expensive computer implanted in my head that changes analog to digital. Tinnitus has no cure and is as misunderstood as it is incurable. Let’s throw in the auditory hallucinations that are the new soundtrack of my deaf life, and we have enough disorders to fill a group for all kinds of supported therapy.

So Five Strings might be a bit of a stretch. Keith Richard was quite competent with said number on his axe. Me, not so much.




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